Classic sustainability : Everlane

As I follow a bunch of American based bloggers, the brand Evelane hasn’t been a stranger to me.  I always loved their clothes, as they are quality made with a classic cut. So you can probably wear them for almost a lifetime if you take care. But somehow the idea got stuck in my head that, as an American company, they didn’t ship to Belgium. As I realised that my shoe stock was below zero and I would have to buy some new pairs for the spring. I didn’t want to go for the sustainable sneaker. I mean, a woman needs to wear something else too, you know. As I did my research for sustainable shoes,  I came across the Everlane website again, saw some great pairs for spring and was overjoyed with the fact that they do ship internationally and free if you spend over a 100 dolars on their goods. But then unfortunately , I also noticed as I was checking out,  that there were duties and taxes added to my final check out price.

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