How Kim Wilcox, stylist of Netflix show stranger things, saved us from expensive Halloween costumes

I think I have always loved 70’s style, and it filled my heart with joy when fashion designers revisited the style and the high street shops followed the trend. It just made it so much more fun to shop for me. Although I am a sucker for the real vintage deal. Nothing beats that one of a kind item, it’s like the oyster in the pearl (  I know it’s the other way around ).  But I couldn’t have been more grateful today, when It dawned on me that it’s Halloween tonight, and hadn’t spend one thought on preparing my costume.

This opposed to all the Halloween recipes I’ve been searching on line for weeks. I mean, I was revisiting bloody sausage fingers and spooky strawberries daily. Such a great distraction to see food displayed in a spooky, playful way, and think of death later, while eating it, right?

So I had a slight, rather cute, panic attack this morning and started browsing online. I knew I had to be a movie character. I’m not in to superheroes, nor witches, nor fantasy things,  it still had to be relatable. After obsessing on how I definitely could pull of a seventies look from the movie Juno ( By Diablo Cody. Yes, the former stripper. GET OVER IT). I’d definitely wanted to be Paulie Bleeker ( played by Michael Cera). Hey, legs for days! But with the temperatures dropping to 3 degrees yesterday, and all that rain here in Belgium, it didn’t seem that good of an option. Then, Juno ( played by Ellen Page) on the other hand, would look way to much like myself and how I dress when I don’t want to go through too much trouble. In retrospect, I had to come to terms with the fact that no one would understand because they’d think I was just being me or that I had finally taken up running.

Even with the whole Stranger Things craze going on, and me not wanting to do what the rest of western consumerist civilisations are doing. I concluded that there would be still be enough witches and skeleton’s coming out of closets everywhere, in order to set myself apart. As on the evening news, and indoors. We all know the spooky shit isn’t on the streets.

So, I decided to own up to the girl who likes to stay inside, who watches too much tv, eats loads of waffles and falls for quite nerdy boys. I’ve never felt so exposed this Halloween. Thank you Kim.