How to shop sustainable fashion

It all comes down to this,  I guess. First of all, what I have been preaching here on this website, over and over. And I will continue to do so,  is to write about buying less. It’s certainly not easy. It requires will power and mindfulness. It requires being rooted, knowing yourself,  and being able to withstand external persuasions.

Second of all, it’s crucial to recycle what you’ve got.  Go and make someone else happy with all the excess stuff you never use. But most of all, try to buy recycled goods or thrifted items yourself at flea markets, vintage and thrift shops for instance.

Buying from locals helps the  local economy but it also means that you’re investing in someone. Something that is all too fast forgotten. in this fast paste life.

Making things for yourself is not only useful, creative and fun, it might help you save a dime or two.

Shop sustainable fashion as much as you can. I’ll try to list and write as much as I can on brands that produce sustainable so that you can use this blog as an inventory.

Get educated. Get to know the materials that clothes are made of. I have written a post on this here

Get to know the certification symbols on fair trade and on textile standards and the ecolabel index. I have written a post on this here.

Love, Maureen