Classic sustainability : Everlane

As I follow a bunch of American based bloggers, the brand Evelane hasn’t been a stranger to me.  I always loved their clothes, as they are quality made with a classic cut. So you can probably wear them for almost a lifetime if you take care. But somehow the idea got stuck in my head that, as an American company, they didn’t ship to Belgium. As I realised that my shoe stock was below zero and I would have to buy some new pairs for the spring. I didn’t want to go for the sustainable sneaker. I mean, a woman needs to wear something else too, you know. As I did my research for sustainable shoes,  I came across the Everlane website again, saw some great pairs for spring and was overjoyed with the fact that they do ship internationally and free if you spend over a 100 dolars on their goods. But then unfortunately , I also noticed as I was checking out,  that there were duties and taxes added to my final check out price.

I think it’s still worth the total cost but keep in mind, as a European that it’s best to buy all you need for a season or two at once.   Everlane is not a cheap brand but if you keep in mind that the clothes and shoes are honestly made and the company guaranties a 100 pct transparency on production and distribution. For instance, you could peek into the whole production proces and virtually visit where your item is made on their website. All of that and taking into account the classic cuts and quality materials that are being used… I think it’s well worth the splurge.

I considered buying my favourite items but with the taxes added I decided to wait until the beginning of april to combine my shopping.

Two of my current favourite on the list…




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