Beauty : summer capsule

Our bathroom cabinets can become a place where clutter just grows and grows. We hold on to products we never use, bottles that are one use from being empty. It leaves us in front of a non organised stack of products. Each morning before getting to work, we just take whats in front of us and make it work somehow.

I often wonder why we all get so hung up on capsules, but yet we don’t do the same for our skin and make up. Every season I pick my go to colours foundation wise, because my skin colour changes because of sun or the lack of, and the eyeshadow colours & lip colour that I’m going to wear. Beautywise we should do the same, because I’m sure our skin needs different things in summer than in winter.

Essentials for summer

Stack up on:

Sheet masks. Ever since they invented this I can’t live without them. Plenty of cruelty free sheet masks to be found at little btw.

Wet wipes or baby wipes. I’ve been replacing these with washable cotton cloth ones to use up less paper. I also replaced toilet paper at home by cloths, but that’s an other story.

Make up remover wipes. Ecological ones are found at RMS or via I only use these on the go or when I’m traveling.


Double up products:

Lip butter that can be used as a salve like rosebud salve it can be even used for dry hair ends or eyebrows or even for dry hands.High recommended, and I actually won this product in a quiz because knew the most answers about nature, not bragging at all here. I’m talking about the CIME Himalayan salve that is everything in one and therefore indispensable. It consists of 7 essential oils and chair butter from the Himalaya. You can use this wonder for your lips, ends of dry hair, hands but its also medicinal helping you get relieve from headaches, muscle ache, irritated skin, or rashes from insect bites.

My beauty routine in summer


Honestly. I don’t use toner. I have never really understood what it did.

I wash my face with either The Oskia renaissance gel. Or with a beauty oil from the Belgian brand Cime.

Then I use a serum. I use the kissed by a rose oil by Cime. I also love the ones by Pai very much.

When the oil is fully set in my skin, I use the Cime d’amour day cream.

I top if of with a sunscreen dry spray on my face and I use sun protection oil on the rest of my body.

My night routine is a bit different.

I take all of my make up of with the oily make-up remover by cime.

Then I use the facial balm by Emma Hardie.

I finish by moisturising my skin excessively with the rosehip oil. I butter my lips before bed with rosebud salve.

That’s it. Nothing too complicated.

Ps: If you are unsure if the brand you like is cruelty free, you can consult the website “cruelty free kitty”

Love, Maureen







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