Preparing for fall, 10 items that you should consider adding to your autumn capsule wardrobe + essential accessories.

These items can easily make the transition from fall to winter to spring. They work as a fundament for your wardrobe.

*Disclaimer: this post is written from Brussels ( well at the moment im in France, but let’s forget about that fact for a bit) and for people who live near the Brussels area, or have the same, rather moody weather going on. Our temperatures vary from cool, windy / rain in fall,  to cool, cold, below zero  #I’drathernotgooutatallfeedmetheleftoversfromthefridge kind of weather in winter. To cool and a bit of sun in spring, with still a lot of rain. All this while experiencing days where you get no extra pay check for getting up and go to work before the sun starts shining and arriving to your home when it’s down again.

Wow. Reality check. I should really take in these last beautiful summer days, shouldn’t I?

Lets get back to the fun fact I started this post with, getting your wardrobe autumn ready.

I generally don’t like must have’s or trendy items of that matter. So take this recommendation with a grain of salt, and do only execute on the things that feel good, look good and work for you.

  1. A striped long sleeve or woolen sweater. You know these nautical, French like,  always in style kinda ones.
  2. A grey simple grey woollen sweater, but with an interesting cut. Something should make it a bit interesting somehow.
  3. Over the knee boots. Yaaaaaaaaaas! Because how nice is it to be able to wear them without having to wear a pantyhose. Freedom in a boot!
  4. High waist ( makes you seem longer and tucks everything in well 😉 ) straight legged jeans. I’m on this freedom trend now. I mean skinny jeans are so great for showing your figure, but sometimes we just like to wear a loser fitting style.
  5. A short A line skirt in faux leather. Because you can combine this with everything and also you’ ll look like you’re no one to mess with. By the way. Freedom again, since you can’t wash faux leather, one chore less on our to do lists.
  6. Faux leather skinny pants. I just came up with this btw because it suddenly became clear I should own everything in faux leather and never ever wash anything again. Thank me later for saving all the water, planet.
  7. A dress you can take from day to evening. That you preferably can wear without panties in the beginning of autumn and without at the end. That you can layer a big vest over. That even looks good as a tunic over jeans. That looks incredible with those faux leather pants we don’t have to wash. Wait, is that too much to ask? Nope, perfection rules and I’m gonna roam the streets for it until I find it.
  8. That big chunky vest that you can layer over all the above and that you can use on cooler days when you are still searching for your perfect autumn/ winter coat.
  9. A perfect white T-shirt with a loose fit. For those moments or days you’d rather start all over again.
  10. A long boho skirt that you can take from fall to winter. Love is a boho skirt, what can I say.


Concerning shoes

I say away with all these athleisure styles. The only gym shoes I want to walk in this fall are my slip on Vans. This is because I do think they look somewhat elegant and they almost go with anything in my closet.

I spend the whole of last year in sneakers, I can’t help but wonder why. Oh, now I remember. BECAUSE THEY ARE SO DAMN COMFORTABLE. And I wasn’t disciplined enough. But no way in hell are they elegant. I mean. I mostly wear flat shoes, because I’m tall and I run around because in this modern day age, we women have stuff to do, and my life is to precious to sit in a chair all day in an office environment. #noofficejob

If you like sneakers, please wear them all day every day, but as for me., I’ve out worn them. I literally wore them every day last year, even under dresses ( ugh). I feel like a drugaddict that needs to make a change in her life. I literally can’t stand the thought of them anymore.  They are like snakes to me now. I wonder when this happened….

Loafers: love them

Ankle booties: love them

Doc Martens style booties: love them. But they do work best with more feminine kind of outfits to create the contrast of masculine with feminine. At least in my humble opinion.

Sneakers: Eh, not so much, depends on if you are related to Jane Fonda.

I believe in shoes. I mean hallelujah, I think you should buy shoes and less clothes and make your outfits vary by the shoe. It makes sense. If you take great care of them, they will last a long time. Whereas clothes sometimes lose their glance by just washing them once. So cut down on the clothes, up the shoes. This might be my greatest fashion advice ever given in 2018.

The essential accessories list for every capsule…

  • Sunglasses : Enjoy them because by the midst of fall you’ll only wear them in the car to prevent you from missing another car by temporary blindness. So not cool. I used to go like: ” Who does this guy think he is, wearing his glases in the winter in his car, a rockstar? Asshole.” That was before I drove myself and got familiar with the concept of indoor sunglasses and the why of it all.
  • Handbag: Same as shoes.
  • Shoes: See all the above
  • Jewelry ( watch – necklace): Oh yeah. Totally.
  • Hats: Only if you can pull that of. Some people just don’t have a head that is shaped well for hats. Acceptance is the only way.
  • Scarves: Also nice to practise bondage on your lover with.
  • Belts: I’m not going to go further into the bondage thing, leather might hurt, you know. Just use them according to your body type. The wrong type of belt on a right outfit can ruin it completely.

What are your go to essentials for your fall wardrobe? I’d love to know.

Love, Maureen

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