How to care for your clothes

This is a huge step towards sustainability too. We all want to know how to get ‘ the right pieces’ that will last and make our style stand the test of time. But what is equally important is to care for those pieces we have put so much thought, energy, money and time into.

Here are my tips to make your clothes last:

  1. Check the fabric before you buy. Try to focus on clothes that need less care like mixes of polyester or tencel ( ecological).
  2. Wash gently. Add vinegar to keep the colors in check.
  3. Air drying is a must if you want to keep your clothes longer and the color even and bright.
  4. Don’t wash your clothes often
  5. Wash your clothes on low temperatures, it’s better for the fibers and the environment.
  6. Dont iron but steam
  7. Bleaching your white clothes by adding a bit of vinegar with some baking soda.  Airdry them in the sun to get the best results.
  8. Natural fibres clean themselves, like silk or wool.

9. Use lavender as a natural cleanser.
10.  For pieces with hardware on them,  turn the clothes Inside out zo that they don’t damage the rest.
11. Use sweat pads to avoid yellow unremovable stains where the armpits are.
12. To get odeurs out of your clothes, put them in a zip lock bag and leave them in the freezer for a few days.

If you’ve got some great tips too, please let me know.

Love, Maureen



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