The show Transparent makes a pretty thrift and style guide

Transparent, the amazon series by Jill Soloway ( Six Feet Under- United States of Tara) regarding a father coming out to his family about his desire to be a woman, might be one of the most controversial series airing on television right now. I picked it up rather late, accidentally coming across the last episode of season one on Dutch television, and fell in love with the clever dialogues and quirky style of the characters. Two pretty crucial elements to get me hooked.

You might think that Maura Pfefferman, the transitioning dad, is the main character of the show, but she is just the soft stumble that makes the others spill their drinks upon. Accidents are bound to happen. But not entirely in Maura’s name.  Even if she tolerated her son to have sex with his ten year older babysitter while he was fourteen, or has cancelled her daughter bar mitswa to go to a vacation where he / she could dress up like a woman. Even the well putt together oldest daughter Sarah is set up to fool you for a moment. She starts fucking her highschool crush Tami and decides to leave her husband.  And they do this all so eloquently with style as the stylist dressed every character according to their personality. This provides the show with an eclectic assortment of fashion, styles and moods. Maura is becoming a seventies bohemian goddess in her long kaftans and dresses. Ali throws on anything she can find in a thrift shop. She walks around like she doesn’t care, because she just doesn’t. Sarah, on the other hand, is always nicely dressed as if she had just left the nail and hair salon in clothes from Barneys while Josh uses his cool hipster clothes as an armor from actually feeling anything real. And the rest, that’s for you to find out.




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