France aims for circular economy by preventing tons of unsold clothes ending up in the incinerator

All clothingbranqs, whether highstreet like Zara, H&M or High end like Chanel, will soon be forced to give their unsold share of clothes away to charity if it depends on the government of Emanuel Macron. Fashion houses that find themselves with piles of clothes at the end of the season should donate it for instance, to charity. Consumers annually throw about 5 million clothes in the trash and only a quarter of it gets recycled according to environmental organisation Friends of The Earth Europe:” The rules that we’ve applied to prevent food waste should apply to the clothes industry too as from 2019.”

That being said:

The French government is planning to sort out the juridic details in the course of this year and will present the law draft as soon as possible.

Chains like H&M are placed more and more under fire because of their weight their clothes production and destruction have on the environment. The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry on this planet next to the oil industry. The biggest cause being the industry itsellf pushing up on new trends and the cheap ready to wear version to the consumers

Fast fashion pollutes the water and the air, using toxic chemicals harming the underpaid labourers in underdeveloped countries the most of all. Besides this it seems we can’t shake the habit of buying more and more causing the enormous mass of waste to get completely out of controle

As of next year all clothes have to get recycled in France or given away to good causes. So don’t be shocked when you see a homeless guy rocking a Chanel purse on your next trip to Paris.

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