So you’re going on a trip and you’re wondering what to pack

Also very handy: when working a capsule wardrobe, your packing list gets way shorter 🙂

Just a quick reminder below of what you might need to pack to different destinations….


Pasport & travel documents

Notebook and pen

Cellphone, charger and external charger

Camera and accessories

Selfiestick 😉 hahahahaha


Tablet and charger

Universal plugg

Luggage tag, with necessary info 



Big scarf

Extra socks


Cleansing whipes

Travel guide for your destination


A coat that goes with almost everything in your suitcase

Depending on where you’re going .. A raincoat

Flat shoes: 2 pairs. One dressy, one sneakers

A hat or a cap depending on where you’re going for the sun or the rain or cold.

A medium size handbag that is big enough to carry your essentials during day time but not too big so you can carry it for an evening out. I mostly throw a canvas bag in my mid size handbag.

A black or blue jeans that goes with everything.

A legging that goes with everything.

A warmer vest to throw over everything when it’s colder. Or a big warm jumper when you’re traveling in winter

3 T shirts; one dressy, one casual and one with longer sleeves for when its a bit colder.

A long sleeve

A skirt

A little black dress

A blouse. Chambray works on almost everything!

A belt

Bikini or swimsuit if your hotel has a swimming pool or spa

This is a basic minimalist suitcase. You can certainly add more however you please!

For a citytrip to a city that also has a beach ( Barcelona or Lisboa for instance)

Use the packing list for the citytrip but add…


Maxi skirt

Boho dress

Extra t- shirts

Airy tunics or blouses


An extra bikini or swimsuit




Beach bag

Intimates and loungewear

Underwear and bra’s

2 pairs of pyjama’s

House shoes like Uggs or espadrilles for the hotelroom or cosy socks if you want to save space.

What are your essentials when traveling? 

Love, Maureen


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