When you thought you had your capsule down, but then the weather shifted again.

You know what I’m talking about. You just had that – aha, It’s perfect! moment and then the next couple of days the temperatures dropped like crazy. And I remembered that I live in Belgium and was this capsule thing even such a good idea?

After a few frustrating trials of making my very spring ish wardrobe feel a bit warmer and cozy I gave up and pulled out some of my stored winter clothes. With joy I said hello to my cashmere jumper, my café au lait colored vest and longsleeves I had hidden away long before their time.

Despite the difficulties capsuling can bring I’m mostly and for all happy to be 1) part of a community. 2) starting thoughtful processes. 3) Trying to consume less or just to consume what I really need. 4) Ending up with things I really like and that fit me. 5) Finding out more about myself and my style.

Before buying anything I always think about

  1. Do I need it
  2. When will I wear it
  3. What can I combine it with

Coming from a “hey that’s cute” kinda place, I’ve already come a long way.

The only thing that I have to be more aware of is to buy more brands that process things ecologically.  I cleaned out my closet after years of not being able to invest in clothes due to art college,  to going to a situation where I was able financially, but still not THAT ABLE, if you know what I mean. (My boyfriend and I are not even in our second year of being house owners) I bought quite a few Topshop items. I love that you can buy classic/ on trend items like faux leather pants there, that I will probably wear for quite some time and will remain in my all year wardrobe, and the price is right. But Topshop is also one of the most polluting clothing companies around, so now that I have my basics down, I will try to build up my shopping budget and go for more sustainable brands.

My heart is in vintage still, in case you are wondering, but it’s so hard to only wear vintage. You’d have to have the patience and time of a monk or something just to source the item you’re looking for at that exact time. And even though I buy vintage all the time for my shop and for myself, I just didn’t have the patience to wait for the perfect pair of faux leather pants. Although I know they are out there somewhere 😉

What are the obstacles did come across in your capsule wardrobe?

Love, Maureencoffee and rainy days

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