I’ve made my first real capsule, here’s how it went…

Whoa guys, this first capsule was so much harder than I thought and so much work. I’ll explain myself further later. So, let’s break this capsule down first…

tops 12

tops 13

tops 14

So these are my tops

As you can see, below the item I’ve written the first two letters of the season that the item is appropriate for. I’ve ended up with 21 tops. This is mainly because I wasn’t strict enough about the capsule thing. I know it’s not a numbers game. I’m mainly using capsule wardrobing to put more thought into my closet and to free myself from items I don’t wear.

But the problem is this, Belgium has some freaky weather you guys.  We go from mornings when it’s 3 degrees to 20 degrees at noon. It’s tricky, come spring and we all thinks things are going to be just superb and hot for the rest of the month, then surprisingly temperatures drop close to zero and there’s the rain and storm and cold winds.

We all know we can’t be sure until may in Belgium. So that’s still one month to go to full spring.

It’s all got me very confused. Which made the whole capsule wardrobing process much longer and more intens than I expected.

This spring top section has cashmere sweaters in it as well as light weight t-shirts which I find kind of insane.

Maybe I should keep the items that aren’t for spring out of my capsule but close by on a rack? 

How do you guys deal with the temperature shift? 

Then there is always the problem of layering. By layering, most items can pretty much cover all seasons. What about those items? 

And what about items that are actually for winter and fall but are trendy and can also cover all seasons, like my two checkered flanel shirts that I’ve put away because I was a bit tired of wearing them all fall and winter?

If you want to make the most out of your clothes, isn’t it easier to just keep them in your closet? 

Then there’s the items that aren’t for the appropriate season per se, but they make a cute top on a jeans on a skirt when you have a party or an evening date ? 

And is there ever a LBD that covers summer & winter? Because yes ,it’s black but the material can be thicker or lighter which makes it appropriate for that season. I’m thinking only a black lace dress can go from spring to fall and anything in between.

What about those longsleeves? I needed to invest in them since every year I buy black cheap ones from h &m and they are washed out and grey, and by the end of winter ( since I’ve worn them since fall ) no longer fun to wear. So I’ve invested in longsleeves from the French brand American Vintage. Not necessarily cheap, but so worth it quality wise and they a have a great outlet shop online. However, I am not sure if I’m going to wear them in spring since I’ve worn longsleeves all through fall and winter and by now I am so sick of them. By spring I like to just throw on a tee or a blouse with the sleeves rolled up and throw over a non itching cardigan or sweater.

From left to right.

Michael Kors cashmere short sleeve turtleneck . old.

Polkadot and khaki button down from H en M. old.

H en M see through long sleeve. NEW.

Vila black knitted tee. Old

Striped polkadot sweater TOPSHOP. NEW.

See Through Flower blouse TOPSHOP. NEW.

Ruffled sweater TOPSHOP. NEW.

Cut out black top TOPSHOP. NEW.

Then the next section : Everything from American Vintage ( NEW) except the striped Minnie Mouse T-shirt : Eleven Paris.  old.

Cashmere striped turtleneck. Old

Embroidered blouse ZARA. NEW.

Grey turtleneck COS. Old.

Lace top H&M. NEW.

Which brings us to the outer layers


outer layers 1kopiekopie

Here we have an American Vintage cardigan in coffee. That’s the official name of the color, which is partly the reason why I bought it online, It doesn’t take that much sometimes apparently. The only problem is, I bought it online and although I like it and it said that it was for spring, it’s thicker than I thought. The material is more itchy too. I decided to keep it for the first month of spring keeping in mind that it will go perfectly in my next winter capsule since I was lacking cardigans there.

The grey cardigan is also new, I have to confess there was a lack of cardigans throughout my whole wardrobe.

This is, next to another million things, a plus to keeping a capsule, it’s so much easier to see what’s missing.

I’m sure the vest wont be a problem. Again layering pieces very handy throughout your entire wardrobe!

But then I’ve included this blazer that I couldn’t part with. Everyone and anyone told me ” Really? Are you donating this? It’s such a staple piece and it’s in such great shape.  I have had it for years, since I was in college. It wasn’t expensive, but there was nothing wrong with it. Then after trying to wear it again this weekend I finally figured out why it wasn’t working. It ws too classic. It wasn’t oversized, there was nothing special a bit off about it, and I didn’t like the material.

I realized I felt much happier in my grey vintage eighties oversized blazer. I do need to find other less cheap looking buttons for it though, but that’s it.

So I’m not going to stress about finding a black one. I’m sure I’m fine without it and the grey will be perfect to mix and match. And if a perfect oversized edgy blazer comes my way, who knows.

Then the handmade oversized cardigans. Does anyone wear these under their coat in winter? And if yes, how?  Because I feel like I’m suffocating each time. So instead I’m wearing them as a coat early in the morning when going to work. I’ve noticed them being too warm though at noon and early evening. We’ll see. I’m not sure if they don’t itch, I’m fussy about this. This means they are only early spring and late fall appropriate, but then on the upside, I will never have to wash them.

The adidas vest is an odd one, but not really. I like funky and colorful things ,but how do you integrate them in a capsule that has items that are supposed to go with everything? 

First, the two cardigans

*Coffee: American Vintage

*Grey: SuperDry

Vest: Vila

Pink and white oversized cardigan: Handmade

Black blazer: Vila

Grey blazer: Vintage

Jacket: adidas supergirl jacket


outer layers 2kopie


Coat-ish things.

Leather jacket : Not sure if it’s really my style, the sleeves are to long. It’s a bomber style and it hits at a weird place at my waste. But it was expensive, we’ll see. I think I’d get more wear out of a biker style leather jacket.

Jean jacket : It’s too small. Can’t close it. I just kept it there so that I could find a replacement and work with it in the meanwhile.

Does anyone do this? Wait until we find something beter? I mean our budget’s aren’t unlimited right? 

Then we have a blushed beige pink mid lenght trenchcoat and a long blue one. Notting to add there. I also have a vintage Burberry that I love but still feel weird wearing to work because it instantly dresses you up. I should get over that.

Then the army jacket. Such a trend piece. Need to customize this with some cool but cute patches.

Leather vest: Maison Scotch ( super old)

Jean jacket: Circle of Trust ( super old)

Blush trench : Mango ( old)

Blue trench: H en M ( old)

Army jacket: Vintage



There is work to do in this department.

From left to right.

A designer dress from Kaat Tilley ( super old) that I haven’t worn but it’s in my closet for 5 years. I need to try to style this. It’s not hard, but I kinda always forgot about this and then the season was over. So I decided to give it a last go this season.

Black Topshop knot blouse dress: Perfect! Perfect! I couldn’t be happier with this black spring dress. And I know I have a silk black one from Pepe jeans for summer too, so the fact alone that I have this LBD covered for the next two seasons makes me happy.

Vintage see through butterfly dress: I love it, but I haven’t worn it? Why? This one also makes perfect as a blouse on a jean of skirt. SO WHY THE HELL NOT? Maybe it’s too fancy to wear to work and I didn’t have the chance to wear it out.

Vintage striped dress that I haven’t worn and don’t now how I feel about.

I do have a wide range of vintage summer dresses. For some reason they are much easier to find. I like poppy colors & designs. But in between dresses and winter dresses, nah not much. I find the styles less appealing. So where there’s a lack here, there will be an overload in summer. But it still doen’t fix my dress problem for the other season.

I’m curious to see if and what I will actually wear.

I still find it too cold for bare legs but too hot for panties, thats an obstacle. How do you guys fix this? 


Ah yes. The jumpsuits. Also a big gamble and here’s why.

Exhibit A has been in my closet forever. It’s a very thick wrangler vintage jean jumpsuit. You can only wear this alone, and that’s the tricky part, wearing it before the moment is over aka you only have the month in spring where it’s not too cold but not too hot and the same goes for fall. I just have to be able to catch the month that’s the end of summer and the beginning of fall. And wear it!

Exhibit B is a new one from Topshop that I got because a black topshop one wasn’t flattering me although I’ve tried it  in 2 different sizes and my boyfriend liked this one. I do too. But now I’m wondering how to style it because it’s definitely for spring and summer but meanwhile the fabric of this jumpsuit is so thick and I feel it’s  more of a fall and winter color. So I wrote this down for all seasons. I think It could pass if I style it with a cute button up or a jacket.

Exhibit C The dungarees from ONLY that I wore way too little.So let’s give them a go again this season.

bottoms 3

My lord. My closet was low aka non existent on skirts, shorts, black leggings, black leather pants/ leggings. I don’t know why I hadn’t figured this out before.

I survived on low quality jeans that hit at the wrong spot at my waist for the longest time, but now it’s over. Hallelujah!

So yeah, I’m happy with all of these and I think I will take these with me from spring to summer to fall to winter. I’m only doubting if I will be able to style the vintage skirt in winter.

And also whaaaaaaaat? You’ve survived without black high waisted jeans, leggings, faux leather all these years. I know.

Leather black mini : Topshop

Suede mini: Vintage

Long skirt: Vintage

Cropped pants: Topshop

Leggings: Topshop

Jamie moto jeans: Topshop

Cropped torn pants: ZaraBaby blue jeans: H en M

Leather pants : Topshop


Shoes caps

From left to right: Kiomi, Vans, Adidas, Zign, Zign, Zign, Zign, Clarks, Clarks.

So finally, shoes! Luckily I’ve invested in these pairs last year and the year before. I love Clarks they are still the most comfortable and quality shoes I’ve worn so far. This year though I found they carried less trendy styles in their range so searched online for brands that had size 42 and were in the same price range. I found Zign and Kiomi. So far I’m happy to have found quality shoes that weren’t too expensive.

I have a really active job so I need flat shoes but I don’t always want to wear sneakers. I’m actually not such a fan of the sporty look although I find they look real cool under skirts.

I don’t think there will be a problem in this department. The only thing that’s weird is that I’ve kept the white boots and the brown ones mainly for spring and summer the whole time & now I want too look in to taking them the whole year through. To be continued.


This wasn’t easy at all but the process does pay off even if you end up with a capsule that’s not perfect. You get to learn a lot about yourself, your wardrobe and style.

By the end of this post I came to realize it’s better to stock my longsleeves and itchy coffee winter cardigan for winter just aswel.

I must put more thought to adding vintage and colorful clothes since I love them so much. This being said, the overall vibe is that when I have gotten my four seasons down I will try to add more statement pieces to my 4 seasons. I’m trying to skip the color coding in my closet, we’ll see what we end up with.

There must be a capsule with items that can be worn on date and girlfriends night outs. I can keep these in my closet at all times even if they are not season appropriate.

It’s handy to have a LBD in case of need so I will make sure all my seasons have one and I’ll try to search for one that can be worn all year through and add them to my going out capsule.

Maybe I have to eliminate the items that I’m not completely happy with, are too small etc. Maybe I have to try to make it without them instead of making them work until I find something to replace them with….

Layering pieces is a tricky one……

We aren’t there just yet but I had so much fun in the process…still so much to learn. I do think I’m going to be happy getting a closet down where I wear almost every item and that I appropriate for a multitude of activities and climate changes..

I’d love to hear your opinion/ stories on capsule wardrobing.

XO Maureen



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