My journey into capsule wardrobing


I just started capsule wardrobing and while everyone has different reasons to start one, but here are my reasons:

I don’t necessarily need to limit myself to a number of pieces but I do want to build a great basic wardrobe with quality items over time. I feel like capsule wardrobing is a great way to get there.

I noticed that although I was always very in to style and loved fashion, but that over the years, I never really had the budget to keep up with it. To be honest, clothes do cost a great deal of money. Going from uni ( little money) to working but living on my own aka no real money to invest in clothes, and by invest I mean buying anything else than vintage and H&M,  to going back to school parttime and working parttime, to working full time but simultaneously buying a house together with my boyfriend- that lead up to again- no real money to invest in clothes. I’ve noticed that this little thing led to me having a habit of going on a shopping spree for cheaper clothes whenever I felt I had nothing to wear. We all know nothing to wear really means: nothing for the season, which led me to wear warmer cardigans in summer, or nothing age or body appropriate or just nothing that I really really liked. At times I just felt blah about it, and when we feel blah about ourselves, we often opt for quick fixes.

This all meant that I was just getting by moment to moment with the clothes I had, or felt I didn’t have & ended with me rushing to the cheapest store. It’s not surprising that I didn’t always made good choices wardrobe wise.

Last winter I finally decided to invest step by step in real clothes ha ha. You know what I mean.

It’s still a bit of a search but  I feel like slowly I will get there.

The irony of all of this is that I have a stylist degree but I felt that  I wasn’t able to clothe myself properly due to a lack of money. The truth actually was , that money wasn’t that big of an obstacle but my shopping habits were. AHA moment, right there.

So I’ve decided to write my journey  in building an awesome wardrobe out of contemporary and vintage clothes down right here on this little blog.

I’m exited to share my journey with you.

XO, Maureen

clean out closet









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