Going from nothing to wear to ready to wear.

How did I get to this low point, you might ask yourself. Well, my friends, having absolutely nothing to wear when your closet is stacked with clothes can be caused by many factors. I will go over a few later on this blog  but will start with this one. You haven’t set a goal for your closet. If don’t know what you want from it, then how can serve you ? As I said there are other factors to consider, you might have grown out of your closet physically or maybe you do know who you are , but you don’t have a clue about style and fashion.

Let’s start with you haven’t set a goal for your closet.

In order to set a goal you must know a) Who you are & what you want from your closet. You also have to know what you want from life since the two are very intertwined and how we dress is certainly a reflection of our inner life. b) Your lifestyle.

What does your daily life look like?

A lot of methods play together in this one. We can draw a map of our lives, where we go, who we see on a regular basis, what our jobs, daily and leisure activities are. We can take a picture of every item in our closets while wearing it and examine how it makes us feel, or we can create a mood board reflecting a person we want to be. We can also design a look book or choose some key pieces in our closet that we absolutely love. These are all good steps but let’s start simple with some quick questions to warm up. Nothing too drastic. Les connaisseurs wil see that I am a fan of British Vogue’s quickfire questions. It’s fun, easy, and a great way to start defining your style.

This is a quick exercise that you can do anywhere. Don’t think about it too long, try to answer as fast as you can. Trust your intuition.

Write down the ones that appeal to you the most :

Lace or leather

Bold or Italic

L.A or Seattle

Ready to wear or vintage

Heels or flats

Vampy or ingenue

Denim or leather

With a twist or simple

Sporty or romantic

Tomboy or girly

Fitted or flared

Cover up or revealling

White tshirt or white shirt

Polkadots or stripes

Stars or stripes

Midi or maxi

Biker or bomber

Bohemian or chique

Mini or maxi

Comfy or classy

Velvet or lamé

Avant-garde or sporty

Chain or ribbon

See through or covered

Black or navy

Blue or black

Sixties or seventies

Onesie or nonesie

Edie Sedgwick or Jane Birkin

Pink or red

Sheer or leather

Dare or detailed

Prom or street

Uggs or heels

Dirty dancing or disco

French or Italian

Paris or New York

Look at all the words you’ve written down, can you visualize a look ? Does it make you think of a certain muze or someone you know? Can you see yourself building these elements into your wardrobe? To make it even more fun you can try to find a quote or invent one based on the words you’ve got.

Let this sink in a while and join me next week for more on finding your personal style and building a GREAT wardrobe!


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