The hair care you only bought because it looked like moisturizer.

I picked these two up for the reason mentioned above, and no, I haven’t tried them on my face, but I might, on a Friday night alone at home after a glass of wine, or three, haha. You know the feeling. You’re watching your favorite show and might decide to put on a mask and do some girly pampering and then you grab the wrong tube. It has happened before and I’m sure it will happen again.

The first thing I noticed about the Biorène beauty cream with macadamia oil, is how soft and lightweight it is and feels. It’s supposed to be a styling cream but that’s not the main reason you should purchase it. It does a greater job at nurturing your hair than styling it. Apart from looking like a facial cream it also smells like one. I’ve putt this product on the dry ends of my hair and they became a lot softer and easier to handle. For 6.70 euro’s you get a tiny amount of 25 ml of product. But if you think of the recommendation of putting this on your hair every day, it won’t last you that long. In comparison, a bumble and bumble caring conditioner costs 36 euro for 200 ml, so if you do the math that amount of Biorène will cost you 53,6 euro’s making this Biorène caring hair cream a rather expensive one.

The Vitapointe is also a lightweight, heavenly smelling facial kind of cream. Also not an ideal one for styling but a good product for taming frizzy hair and restoring damaged hair. The difference is that this one is called a leave in conditioner whilst the other is called a beauty cream. Only this product is a lot cheaper, you pay 5,85 euro for 50 ml making it, 23,4 euro for 200 ml. Both hair care products are fabulously old-school looking. The Biorène of a thicker consistency than the Vitapointe, making this a bit more nourishing and although they both smell heavenly I prefer the smell of Vitapointe to the smell of the Biorène. Nevertheless, they both live up to their expectations. They leave my hair looking shiny and nourished without it looking greasy, or weighed down.

I’ve recently gone total cruelty free and as natural as possible with my products. I’ve had these for a while now and I have to admit that Biorène is cruelty free, Vitapointe from Unilever is not and neither are Bumble and Bumble products. As this is a huge downside for me so I guess the only way to go here is with Biorène.

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