How to care for your pretty vintage boho dresses

The very first thing you need to do when coming home from a vintage hunt is carefully inspect your new treasures. Look at the fabric of the item ( tags!). Inspect the buttons and the seams and if they feel loose.

After the whole inspection is done, look at the remaining items and decide if they can be washed, or dry cleaned.  Wash the items on a cool slow cycle if they are not too delicate or wash them separately by hand using mild, non toxic ecological hand wash powder or liquid. I usually just leave them to soak, unless if there are some really nasty stains on the item. If the fabric is silk, I take it to the dry cleaners.
After the clothes are washed, hang them to dry in a cool dry place. I don’t dry them in the sun as white clothing can turn yellow through sun exposure. Hang them on wooden hangers or plastic ones because iron hangers can leave rust stains. Woolen sweaters are best dried flat on a towel on the table so they don’t get stretched out. Steaming your clothes when dry means less work but is also much safer on your clothes. I have a lot more tips on how to handle vintage so tune in once and a while. If you have some tips on how to care for vintage, I’d love to hear about them.

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